Chilled and Considerate

Online programs designed to help parents and teachers understand and alter responses to worry, burnout and uncertainty.

Innovative, entertaining, and easy-to-use.

Through images, videos, a journal and downloadable meditations, these courses will give you the insight and tools to step out of bad habits and support yourself and those around you. The learnings go beyond COVID-19, to our ability to manage change and worry wherever it may find us. 

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"I really enjoyed it. It was excellent, honestly! My husband sat with me for a few sections, e.g. the uncertainty bomb model & diffuse (sic) model, and its explanation towards the end that underpins the course, and he thought it was clear, original and manageable too!"


"I get stressed about different things but I’m now starting to look at when I’ll know for sure whether things will go bad. I then push it out of my head and get on with other things. At night these ‘What If’ worries get into my head more, but I look to distract myself and have a meditation I use. It has helped me be much calmer about life."

Take Away Message
Year 9 Student; The Kings School

"I think the program is really great! The concepts are clear, and the entire program is engaging and interesting. Can’t wait to get my mum to watch it!"

Australian College Student

"It has been a time of upheaval for everyone, and you spoke of managing uncertainty, which was so very relevant to support our children, but also incredibly useful for us parents as well. If we can show our children how to manage their lives by way of example, the message is so powerful. I very much appreciated taking stock of how I deal with uncertainty and understanding how I can do this better to help my children and those around me. "

Parent Feedback after a P&F webinar, Susie Fuller

Key Learnings from the Chilled and Considerate Program Shared by Year 5 Students at Kambala


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